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Hello! We are digital.cooking

A Professional and Friendly Software Studio located in Phetchabun, Thailand.

We create Websites and small softwares working on desktop and mobile devices.

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Short story

Our founder, John, gets a professional experience of more than 15 years in Web domain. He has worked for a lot of famous international startups as a web developer.

After being a freelancer, he wanted to found a team to be able to expand his activity and to give the possibility to everybody to benefit his experience. As a result, he founded digital.cooking, a friendly Web production studio.

Professional services

For us, customer care is the most important point of our "important urgent matrix". We follow each of our customer at the beginning and after the delivery of their project!

We respect the deadline, we understand how a customer can be excited to get his project completed!

For most Websites, to deliver high quality, we prefer to design all the technical part from scratch. We don't use too much Open Source CMS platform, it could be cheaper to bootstrap, but with the maintenance cost (plugins update, security monotoring, evolution), it will be finally more expensive than if you get a Website tailored to your business. But if you really want to use one of them, we can provide the same quality of production!

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37/14 Thanon Taepha Pattana, Phetchabun 67000 THAILAND

Open from Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 5:30pm

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